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Highlights M'sian NR Role in R&D RRIM Intellectual Properties (IP) Pending IP


Joint base-isolated demonstration building in Sabah with PORIM, using rubber seismic bearings.


RRIM in second Amazon expedition in collaboration with Brazil.
RRIM appointed the Standards Writing Organisation for the development of Malaysian standards for rubber and rubber products.
Standard Malaysian Glove Scheme launched.
RRIM 2000 series latex timber clones released.
RRIM's transgenic rubber plants produce a functional recombinant latex enzyme.
RRIM merges with MRRDB and MRELB to form lucky365 angpao.


ROTORRIM developed for the de-ammoniation of skim latex.
RRIM Physical Testing Laboratory is first Malaysian government laboratory to gain accreditation to ISO/IEC Guide 25.
Research on the use of ethylene gas for latex flow stimulation.
Zero burning concept of land clearing for replanting rubber promulgated.


Launching of young budding to supersede the conventional green budding for clonal propagation of rubber trees.
Improved process for deproteinised natural rubber production introduced.


RRIM participates in the first gene prospecting expedition to the Amazon. under the auspices of the International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB) .
Research on recombinant DNA (molecular biology) initiated.


Production of improved DPNR from field latex.
LA-TZ latex introduced.
Research on puncture tapping.
Research on sheep rearing under rubber.
Field trials on controlled upward tapping (tapping on high panels).
SMR GP introduced.
Studies on rubberwood utilization ititiated.


Promotion of the Environmax concept, where planting recommendation was based on the micro-environment of the planting area.
Promotion of tyre rubber.
Beginning of production of deproteinised natural rubber (DPNR).
Establishment of the Kota Tinggi Experiment Station.
Field planting density studies initiated.


Exploratory research on tissue culture.
Launching of the SMR Scheme.
Promotion of Constant Viscosity (CV)/Low Viscosity (LV) rubber.
Concept of latex vessel plugging in the cessation of latex flow after tapping investigated.
Progress in soil surveys and discriminatory fertilizer recommendations.
Crown budding and experiments on three-part-tree.
Research on the use of ethephon latex flow stimulant.


Refinement of green budding method.
Studies on the distribution of the molecular weight of natural rubber.
Perfecting technical specification of rubber.
First electron microscope in South East Asia commissioned at the RRIM.
Studies on the turgor pressure of the rubber tree laticifer system.


Opening of first Training School for smallholders in Malacca.
Further development in method of yield stimulation.
Early success in NPK fertiliser mixture in trials on inland soils.
Studies on effluent treatment in RRIM Experiment Station, Sungai Buloh.


Studies on latex preservation, rubber lining masterbatch rubber, crepe, Special Processing (SP) rubber and graft polymerization.
Microbiological studies on production of latex concentrates and preservation system.
Research on auxins as latex yield stimulants.


Rubber seed for oil extraction investigated.
Preventive measures against South American Leaf Blight Disease initiated.


Japanese Occupation. Research on food preservation using latex.
Lutoids identified as specialised organelles in the latex.
Manufacture of rubber surgical goods.


Latex concentration by creaming.
Crossing of RRIM 600 clones.
Replanting experiments in smallholdings.


Field investigation on root diseases.
Research on rubber components in roads. Building of highway from Kuala Lumpur to Klang using rubber as one of the components.
RRIM Headquarters moved to Third Mile, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Smallholders Advisory Service set up in the RRIM.
Early research on crumb rubber.
Enactment to re-constitute RRIM


RRIM Headquarters established in Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening of Experiment Station in Sungai Buloh.
Beginning of extension services. First advisory publication issued.
Research in soil science. Capillary properties, soil conservation and manuring studied.
Clone identification.
Studies on latex constitutents

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